Society 's Ideology On Crime

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Reintegration or Stigmatization Concerns are often raised when reintegrating offenders back into society. Society’s ideology on crime is often shaped from what they see and what they hear. The media often times places a strong emphasis on punishment when a crime is committed and the idea of reintegrating a variety of offenders back into society is unsettling for many. This can create stigmas and barriers for offenders to become productive members of society. “Simply defined, offender reintegration is all activity and programming conducted to prepare an offender to return safely to the community and live as a law-abiding citizen” (Thurber, n.d.). “Inmates face many hardships once they are released into the community, and being stigmatized…show more content…
(Moore, Stuewig, & Tangney, 2012) Structural stigmatization is, “the laws and policies that restrict people from participating in society in some way (i.e. housing restrictions, being denied certain employment) are referred to as structural stigma” (Moore, Stuewig, & Tangney, 2012). Public perception is the major component of social stigmatization. People’s attitudes and discrimination toward a person can create self-stigmatization which is the last level of stigmatization. Self - stigmatization effects a person’s self-esteem and confidence possibly preventing them from reintegration. Stigmatization can affect an offender’s ability to readapt to their community. Adaptation is a major component of the reintegration system and stigmatization destroys that possibility. People’s attitudes and judgments can also hinder an ex-offenders social adaptation process as well. As the number of offenders reintegrated back into society increases; “reentry programs can help former offenders reintegrate into society without continuing to engage in crime” (Wikoff, N., Linhorst, D.M, & Morani, N., 2012). The literature on correctional interventions ("What Works") suggests that programs incorporating multimodal or cognitive-behavioral skills training consistently show moderate results in reducing offender recidivism. Project Greenlight was an innovative, short-term, prison-based
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