Society 's Influence On American Culture

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Maddie Fuller HNRS A192 Research Analysis Dr. Stone Since their conception, comic books have exhibited significant influence on American culture, especially through characters and storylines developed during times of war. Although the ideologies have changed and shifted over time, it is no secret that the writers have a message they are attempting to convey, especially through mainstream superheroes. Andrew Bolton’s definition of a superhero is, “American utopianism as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.” If we adhere to this definition, it is only practical that superheroes would play such a large part in the ideologies of the United States people while they are at war. I examine how comic book characters and…show more content…
Que Superman, who joins the fighting to boost American morale and encourage the population to support the troops in 1969 (Gordon, I. 2015). One of the most well- known superheroes of the 20th and 21st century is Amazonian warrior, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman played a prominent role in both WWII and the Vietnam War. Different than her male counterparts, instead of directly involving herself in combat, Wonder Woman was an advocate of peace. This is not to say she was a neutral party, however. She clearly stood for democracy and the true American ideal of freedom, hence her star spangled costume. Aside from promoting peace, one of her main roles was to advocate for women. Her presence in comics encouraged young women during both wars to be independent and get out from under male oppression. This was more evident in her 1940s comics than her comics during the Vietnam War. Wonder Woman also encouraged children and young adults to do their part in the war effort by buying bonds and participating in material drives (DiPaolo, M. 2011). The All-American man, Captain America embodies the American ideals from WWII through War on Terror. Created in 1941, Captain America was created to boost morale in WWII, by encouraging Americans to act justly. The Captain America comics, along with others that were popular during the time, aimed to do four things: unite the American people behind the war effort, rebut Axis propaganda, encourage vigilance against enemy spies, and to portray

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