Society 's Opinion On The People Who Is Not Like The Rest?

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How many people does one actually know that either has piercings unnatural hair color, tattoos or has each of them? Now what might their personalities be like; are they outgoing, rebellious, shy? Does their appearance affect the personality, or the person in general, of those people that they may know; what about society 's opinion on the people who is not like the rest does that include their decision on how they think of their friend? How are the ones, who do not go by societal standards, affected by having piercings, unnatural hair color, and tattoo. What if one those people is a manager and their friend who has piercings, unnatural hair, and or tattoos … would they still hire them to his, or her, company? For people with their…show more content…
Furthermore, as well as piercings, tattoos has also been around for a long time since dating back to the B.C. age back then it was used as a mark to tell social status, if the person is a criminal or not, etc. but in today 's world, we use them as a form of creativity. All things considered, if knowing the history behind piercings, unnatural hair colors, and tattoos would it still affect, the opinions one has upon the creative population. It has been accepted for centuries until around the around the seventeen-hundreds, but now it is once becoming popular again, and people who like to stick to the old ways, do not like it. Likewise, we grew up thinking it is wrong and could be impossible to obtain a job as a result of people judging too quickly and remarks of rebellion, unprofessionalism, trying to receive attention, and multiple other harsh things are said about those who have them. Nonetheless, people with decorated bodies in today 's workforce world are judged too quickly before even receiving a chance to prove that they are a great worker despite having piercings, unnatural hair, and tattoos, it is time for all of that to change and others to start accepting. Furthermore, piercings come in oodles of shapes and sizes, one can get them pretty much anywhere as well. They are a form of self expression, even though it might not seem so, but it corresponds to
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