Society 's Problems, Broadly Speaking Essay

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Dear reader, I chose to do my W.O.W. project about society’s problems, broadly speaking. The main reason why I decided to do this topic is because it is a very common problem people can face almost everyday. A variety of people will say such stereotypical things almost everyday and what they do not realize is that they are brainwashing themselves. This topic seemed like the best fit for me because I have said these things as well, I am no different. After realizing these things, I think I became more attached to this topic. Another reason why this topic seemed to be the best fit is because it is a topic almost everyone is capable to understand. Before I began researching, I knew that men do not go through eating disorders and diet struggles as much as women. I started to remember the topic as I was doing my research which also helped me to remember personal stories. By reflecting on the personal stories, I was able to understand other people’s perspectives and write in detail. While doing some research, I was trying to search for stories and biographies about people who had to suffer. As I was reading stories and articles about another person’s life, it told me that there are so many worse situations than what I have seen. The difficult part of the 4 essays was coming up with different topics while still staying in the same genre. But because there were so many varieties and articles about people changing their looks for their peers. Another difficult section of the
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