Society 's Socialization Of Young Children

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1. Gender is a concept constructed entirely by society. We base gender off of what we perceive and what others perceive of us. Until fairly recently, it has been categorized as one of two things: male or female. When we watched the documentary in class, we saw evidence of society 's socialization of young children. Commercials for Nerf Guns, action figures, and cars and trucks were all depicted with young boys as their users. Never did we see a girl playing with GI Joes or with Hot Wheels, only boys played with those. Meanwhile, dolls, baking sets, and make up kits were only advertised to girls, and no boys were shown playing with Barbies or Bratz. Society begins to shape gender notions from a very early age, where people are shown that they are one or the other, either male or female.
This continues through life, and gets more prominent as life goes on. We saw in the episode of “Freaks and Geeks” especially, boys are expected to act like boys and girls are expected to act like girls. When the nerdy boys in the show acted “not manly” or like a “sissy” they were shamed. The coach told them to stop acting like girls and put down their make-up, and when Sam’s sister saves him from the bully, he is taunted for having a girl fight his battles. This constant emasculation of this specific group of boys leads to their bonding. However, it does not lead to their assuming that they are women, since they are being told they are not women. However, since they identify as males, they
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