Society's Construction of Reality Essay

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Society's Construction of Reality Many times sociologists speak about the social construction of reality and are never truly understood. In this essay I will try to explain what they mean. Renowned social analyst W.I. Thomas once made this statement: "If men define a situation as real, it is real in its consequences." What Thomas is stating is that man, his actions and reactions shape reality. This statement holds truth in it. It can be said that we as people change the world through our ideals and our actions. Our ideals foster developmental changes in society, while our actions foster equal if not greater reactions which changes the way society functions. Society is composed of "norms" and "sanctions."…show more content…
"Informal sanctions are unofficial, sometimes subtle or even unconscious checks on everyday behavior…"(from: Sociology An Introduction) such as looks and gestures that show approval or disapproval (Ex: smile or a threatening look). When these sanctions are ignored we then get people who violate our norms either mores or folkways. These people are called deviants. Deviance is a violation of social rules, it occurs when someone breaches a society's or a group's widely held values and norms (from: Sociology An Introduction). Though all crime is considered deviant behavior all deviant behavior is not criminal. While some actions such as murder and rape is punishable others such as getting tattoos and dying your hair green an not. Both are out of the norm for social behavior. Both are deviant. Deviance I s also relative. There is no action that is actually right or wrong it all depends on which society's rules are you adhering to. For example you may find yourself in a society that accepts human sacrifice as apart of their culture and then sees hair coloring as a heinous offences. Deviance all depends "social views." The term "social views" encompasses various concepts, they include the following: symbolism, vales, beliefs, technology, and language. These five words are the main concepts of the topic of social views. Each are equally important .With a better
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