Society's Dependence On Technology

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Since the beginning of time, the human population has strived to live simpler lives. We have spent generations, creating innovations within technology to ensure our lives would always be more simplistic than those who lived centuries before us. People now have the ability to update their Facebook status’, map the human genome to target strands of DNA that can be disastrous to one’s health, send out amber alerts nationwide, and create plants that are resistant to pesticides. Many fields, such as medicine, law enforcement, and entertainment have benefited greatly from advancements in technology which has inevitably changed the way society operates. However, with the abundance of technology available, society has developed an unhealthy relationship where we now rely on technology too heavily. Technology has rendered our minds incapable of the ability to play, communicate, and live our lives in the moment, despite its positive additions to our society. The issues that arise from society 's dependency on technology begins with the individuals that are now entering our world. The market for app designers has begun to shift, and now they are targeting today’s youth with games that are accessible through phones, tablets, and computers. Most parents have noticed their children adopting an interest with technology and are openly giving their children these devices, instead of having them play hands-on with real objects such as play dough or three-dimensional blocks. Research has
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