Society's Inability To Change In Hamlet

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Society's Inability to Change At some point in everyone's life they seem to go through a rough patch, which almost always results in irrational behavior. This is exactly what we see in the famous Shakespearian play Hamlet. In the play, Hamlet goes through a countless number of tragic events that cause him to experience a plethora of emotions. Some of these crazy dramatic situations include the death of his father, his mother marrying his uncle, his uncle becoming king, and, most important of all, the death of his true love Ophelia. It was Hamlet’s inability to control his emotions that caused all of this pain in his life. Whether it was through Hamlet’s inability to get help for what he was feeling, bringing others feelings down with him, or believing that violence was the answer to his problems, these are situations that are still very relevant in the world in which we live. Throughout the entire story, Hamlet was never able to completely share his…show more content…
It seems that the common thread of violence is linked to wanting revenge for another's death. We see this theme of violence in Hamlet, Laertes, and also Fortinbras, on their path of seeking ultimate revenge. While both Fortinbras and Larities didn’t think twice about getting revenge, Hamlet wanted to know all of the facts before he was willing to kill Claudius (Act III Scene II). The need for loved ones to seek revenge for murder is still something we see today, but the type of revenge has changed. In Hamlet the only means of revenge seemed to be killing the person just as they had killed your loved one. In this modern day you may see the occasional revenge similar to those in Hamlet, but murder is much less acceptable today than it was in their time period. A similar type of revenge that you might see today is lobbying for the perpetrator to get convicted for murder or have them receive the death
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