Society´s Interaction with Technology in Burning Chrome by William Gibson

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There have been many great books that have been based on the growing relationship of technology and human beings. Today, technology is continuously changing and evolving along with the way people adapt to these technological advances. Technology has completely changed our way of living, it has entwined with our humanity, by being able to replace limbs and organs that we once thought could not be replaced. One of the most crucial things that technology has changed is the way people in society interact with one another. A story written by William Gibson titled “Burning Chrome”, portrays that very idea. In his text, Gibson presents that the reader lives within a world where there is no boundaries or limitations between technology and humans.…show more content…
There are other websites like this one, which can allow a person to share every single aspect of their life. People can take photos or video of what they are doing or what they are experiencing. Through this way of communication a person is able to experience another person’s life. People today do not really need to physically be present with one another in order for them to be able to talk and interact. Computers have played a significant role in all aspects of our life ever since they came into existence. They have shaped and molded the way we live and interact. Many people in society have questioned the harms and benefits a computer could give a child. One of the many concerns parents seem to have the most is that children who rely on to much on technology would lose their individuality, get out of touch with their own cultural, and make them not be able to tell the difference between actual reality with virtual reality. Many of our youth have begun to lose their socialization skills and have instead solely relied on electronic conversing because the convenience of it. The way people have begun intimately meeting has also changed, people now use the virtual world to meet potential partners or even legally marry someone. Computers have allowed our civilization to reach out to each other that our past civilizations thought were just impossible. Like in Gibson’s Story our usage of technology has gotten us to the point

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