Society's Lack Of Empathy In Society

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If a lot of people lacked empathy, where would we be as a society? Where we are right now is the answer that came to my mind right away. So many individuals show an insufficient amount of empathy, and that needs to change. Empathy, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, means “The feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions.” It is very important to have and show empathy because it can help build connections and bonds, and it shows how much one cares. Society in general is not empathetic enough because of a great lack in education and the use of technology. There are many causes for society’s lack of empathy, but two are an uneducated society and the use of technology.

Lack of education is a main attribute to apathy, or lack of empathy, as a society. After Nina Davuluri won Miss America in 2014, there were many hateful comments, particularly on Twitter. Some of which stated, “This is Miss America not Miss Muslim. #sorrynotsorry” or “@ABC2020 Nice slap in the face to the people of 9-11 how pathetic.” Nina is an Indian - American woman, and she is an American citizen. A great deal of these comments start at the
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An article written by Richard Bird states, “The anonymity of the internet has created an environment where the absolute worst aspects of our human nature manifest themselves; stalking pedophilia, bullying to the point of driving someone to suicide, revenge postings of nude photographs of former girlfriends, boyfriends, and spouses.” This is a very small list of how many bad things that have happened or occurred more often because of the internet and how we abuse the privileges of the internet. These things need to stop, and it can all start with one person. Every single one of these things was started by one person, so why can’t it be stopped by one person? It can be, it just takes one brave person, and courage within them to speak up about the
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