Society's Look of an Educational Institute Essay

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What does today’s society expect from students? A question that can either end with a positive or negative answer. With any kind of education there comes responsibility, commitment, and consequences. As a student, one must develop qualities in him or her to enable him or her to lead a successful life. The older one gets the higher people’s expectations seem to be. Many of the expectations set for students may be the same, but the repercussions of the actions one choses to take are what differs the most. Society expects for students to be able to learn and comprehend any information that is being thrown out. Some students seem naturally enthusiastic about learning, but many need-or expect-their instructors to inspire, challenge, and …show more content…

This mean teaching one all of the skills and knowledge that is relevant to today’s culture. Helping students prepare for the future sets forth for a better tomorrow. Helping with balancing social life, work, school time, and study time is an example of how schools help students start off his or her own future. So what does society really expect from students? It is clear to all who work in Higher Education that student expectations have changed over the years. These expectations are now of greater complexity. In the 1980’s what was expected from students in highest educational institutes? To obtain a degree, support by government funding, and few expectations of teaching quality. What about in 2005? Flexibility and choice in the delivery of education, a two way communication process between themselves and with the University, and honesty with respect to whether his or her needs can be met or not. Learning how to be a positive contributor to society is an important expectation of society. When students are in class, he or she are expected to soak up as much of the information as they can and eventually apply it, forwarding the progress of a nation. Society expects school to teach knowledge. Not waste time attempting to shape opinion, or recruit students for political and social causes. Schools in general create places for students to learn about a wide variety of subject in a single area.

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