Society's Major Institutions: Education, Economics, Religion, and Political sectors.

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Society's Major Institutions.

There are five basic institutional areas of a society. The major institutions consist of family, education, economics, religion, and political sectors. These will essentially affect everyone's life by shaping their thoughts and behaviors. Each of these institutions serves its purpose to fulfill society's fundamental needs and specific goals for the overall society. All must coincide or work harmoniously to make a society.

The institution of family is the most important and is based on the teachings of values, norms, statuses, and roles. The family is designed to guide sexual activity, socialization, and social relations within a sexual union (Sociology of the Family). Every family is run differently under
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Yet, there are always those exceptions such as leaders of religious groups that may want to inflict harm upon another person or group.

Religion, as a type of resistance, is very factual. For example, Martin Luther gave rise to one of the major social changes of all time, the Protestant Reformation. Luther's movement was basically to question the Church's authority in the 1500's. Luther was a devoted Catholic which paved his path to become a minister. His main point in questioning authority was that he disagreed with the selling of indulgences. In 1517, Luther wrote the Ninety Five Theses, which stated that he disagreed with the sales of indulgences and that they were misused, which is said to have started the Reformation. The Reformation was the beginning of men rising up and revolting against the church.

On the other hand I believe religion is a very easy way to cop out of previous rule or present day rule. As an example the Crusades, in which their only motive was to destroy, conquer, and gain wealth. To say someone higher then man himself believes that a group of people should do things differently is a bit ridiculous. To intertwine church and state with this

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