Essay Society’s Neglect of the Homeless

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Society’s Neglect of the Homeless

There is a serious problem with the way homeless people are treated. They are not treated as any normal human being is treated. The homeless have been dubbed the outcasts of society and receive practically no assistance from the government. Where is the consideration for these people? Are homeless people considered less than human? Why is it so hard to give a helping hand to somebody who is in need? Is society becoming too self-absorbed or are homeless people just transient to the rest of society?
Society does not want to be bothered with the problems of inhumane people living on the streets, when there are enough problems within it. There should be no reason for people to worry about the
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The main cause of homelessness is housing and income problems. The government is the one putting many homeless on the street. The lack of funding for shelters, contributes largely to the increasing population of street dwellers. It is sad because these people have lives, too. Just because they do not have a prominent role in society does not they should be banished from it. The American public wishes to do away with the problem of homelessness, but every year the numbers keep rising. The public ignoring the problem only brings society closer to involvement with the outcasts. The majority of homeless people never thought in a million years they would be living on the streets in their lifetime. There is a lot of baggage that comes with living on the street, mentally and physically. Once out on the street, most believe there will never be happiness in their lives again. This affects the mental state of mind in a homeless person. Along with the notion of living outside the civilized world, homeless people have nothing to live for. This is when homeless people start to become mentally ill. When they have given up all hope, their mental state starts to alter. It alters as a consequence of being homeless. What society wants to believe is that these outcasts were already in a state of mental disarray before they were thrown out on the streets. It is easy to cover up the problem for the time being, but as time goes on
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