Society's Progression Of Gender Roles

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Our world is always changing. Each generation’s experience in life is different from the last. A grandmother’s life was different from her daughters, and even more so than her granddaughters. This is not a disadvantageous aspect of time, without change, we cannot progress as a society, and without progression we become dissolved into oblivion. That being said, this means society can never stop changing. Looking back at the past, especially in more recent years, society has made vast progressions towards gender equality; we can see this progression, for people rely less on gender roles, women are given more opportunities in the workplace, and each age group is clearly more progressive than the last. We often romanticize the past and believe it was better ‘back in the day’ then it is now. While that may be true for some aspects of some societies, compared to now, life back then was one tipped-over manure truckload of inequities and unfair manipulations of power. Life now is astronomically better for women; now people do not look to gender roles for ‘guidance’ on how to live or how to tell other people how to live. Popular opinion drives what is right and what is wrong in a society, so when the majority changes their opinion on a topic, say towards equality,…show more content…
But, progress never stops until the goal is reached. Who knows if society will obtain gender equality in five years or eighty-five years, but as long as we do not rely on toxic stereotypes or discriminate against characteristics of a person they cannot help, we cannot step backwards in progress. As each generation grows and matures, hopefully they will recognize the inequalities of their times. As people protest for the rights of the oppressed, as people stop being a bystander to sexual assault, as people come to terms with the truth, society will become equal for all and despotic for

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