Society's Social Construction of Gender

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Gender is defined as the social arrangements that are built to meet personal traits of being male or female and society has created roles that reflect a gender to act in a certain way in society. Rape culture is seen as normal behavior in society where genders experience violence in social institutions. Society has arranged roles to males and females that have led females to experience violence in society and is seen as a norm rather than a problem, because males need to show their masculinity to society. In society, media is a factor that contributes to masculinity being seen as superior to femininity. Male’s masculinity is designed to take control of the world and the females. Males have always taken management in their hands and are not letting females take control, because they belong in the top and not females. For example, in Dreamworlds 3, females are seen as sexual objects rather than a human being. Males in music videos are the ones who are in charge and use females in the music videos for attraction for the male audience. In the music videos, males hit females with objects or with their hands playfully and is seen as a normal thing to the audience, but females are experiencing violence in music videos, but it has become a norm and no one sees it as a problem. Media also uses females for their bodies and their beauty, not for their intelligence or personality. For example, Pascoe argues that the construction of masculinity is centered on males showing dominance
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