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Socialization Paper Diana Medley PSY/211 July 13, 2015 Donna Allgood Socialization Paper The factors that contribute to one’s attitude, Affects- emotions, Behaviors-actions, Cognitions- thoughts, the ABC’s of attitude (Carter & Seifert, 2016, Chapter 16). When our emotions, actions and thoughts are not working together it can be difficult. Finding out more about our behavior will help us learn more about our attitude. The self-perception theory says that we are not fully aware of our attitudes. Most of the time with infer our attitudes based on our behavior. It is the opposite in fact, our behavior affects our attitude. We can change our behavior and the result will be a change in attitude. Conformity is changing your thoughts…show more content…
An excellent example of instrumental aggression is when a child will hit another child, in order to get the toy that the child was playing with. The other type of aggression is hostile aggression. Hostile aggression is a desire to do harm to another, like a person bullying another individual. We are attracted to people that are similar to us. What attracts us to people is not only physical characteristics, but also a person competency, however if a person is over competent, we lose attraction towards them. We also like people that are physically attractive but as the old saying goes looks can be deceiving. A good looking person can sometimes have the worst attitude, and may not be the best company. Groups play a huge role on a person’s behavior. Once you are in a group you start to treat others outside of the group differently. Although, belonging to a group can bring up someone’s self-esteem, treating others differently can lead to prejudice and discrimination and that is not a good thing. Groups can also affect your decision to help or to not help others. Social Psychology plays an important role in life and in the workplace. At work you have to treat everyone the same and not be prejudice towards them. Discrimination is also not permitted in the workplace. Being able to control your own, as well as, others behavior and attitude is important. Also, when working you have to be able to conform and obey. References Carter, K. E., & Seifert, C.

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