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Crash is an exciting, suspenseful movie that gives insight when dissected using sociological perspective. There are three ways to look into this perspective; the Structural-Functional, the Social-Conflict, and the Symbolic Interaction. Sociological Perspective is the view of sociology to see general patterns of in the lives of particular people. Each of the areas of the sociological perspective is evident in this movie. Every person in this movie has some kind of connection to the others. This creates a large sociological impact on each one of them in a different way. The Structural-Functional perspective is the theory that sees society as a complex system. Each of these complex parts work together to create stability and solidarity.…show more content…
The man is Hispanic and tells the owner that his door needs replaced in order for the door to work properly. Due to the mix in ethnicities there is a large misunderstanding between the two men and the next morning the shop has been broken into and vandalized. The Persian store owner seeks revenge on the Hispanic because he feels that if he had fixed the lock properly that his store would be fine. When in reality it was his door that needed replaced. These two events in the movie can be described with a sociological structural functional approach. The meaning of structural functional is that a complex system works together to create stability and solidarity. These events work together to describe our society. Not necessarily explain how it creates stability and solidarity. Slavery was abolished over a century ago, yet Americans still hold the idea that they are less than other Americans and that they are the root of trouble. If the cop had picked up a white boy dressed the same and had the same conversation; would he have shot at him when he reached into his pocket? Probably not. Society has developed that idea against African Americans over the years. Americans assume that since slavery was abolished that African Americans are trying to get revenge.
Ever since September 11, 2000 every one’s views of the Arab ethnicity have become bitter. Anyone from the Middle East is assumed to be Arab and assumed to be a terrorist. Neither the Hispanic nor the

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