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Throughout the class, a few theories that stood out to me the most were the conflict theory, the structional functionalist theory, the feminist theory and Deviance. Although in my book Sexism in America there are many theories that are presented, however these four theories stood out the most to me and also were relevant to my life. According to our textbook, Our Social World, Conflict theorist believes that conflict is inevitable in any group or society. Inequality and injustice are the source of the conflicts that permeate society. Because resources and power are distributed unequally in society, some members have more money, goods and prestige than others. The rich protects their positions by using the power they have accumulated to…show more content…
New York Times reporter Lucy Breenbaum, noting these changes, declared “the courtship of women workers” at an end. These women were devastated, many of us who have been used by people can completely understand and relate to the hurt and shame that comes with the feeling being used. They felt and understood the meaning of self-gratification, something that some of them may have never felt before, and this feeling was taken away at the drop of a bomb. At one hand they were relieved that their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers and cousins were safely returning home from the war, on the other hand they were once again going to be second-class citizens to a patriarchal society. “The war workers cannot be cast off like an old glove.” Theresa Wolfson. But cast of they were. In 1946 millions of women had been fired from the heavy industry. And women, told one week they could operate cranes, were advised the next to go back to the kitchen and make jam. Pg 3. The conflict between men and women could not be ignored because the government and society had shown exactly how much more important men were than women, they used them and threw them away like old rags once the men came home, and then began to re-socialize them to be good loving wives and mothers again. How was this re-socialization taking place? It’s simple it was made via the media, they had television shows such as father knows best, I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver and many more. These shows

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