Socio-Cultural Analysis Of Monaco On Resurgency

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In preparing a socio-cultural analysis of Monaco on counterinsurgency (COIN), it is important to understand the definition of culture as it pertains to the six socio-cultural factors such as: society, social structure, culture, language, power and authority, and interests. The United States Army uses the acronym (ASCOPE) which stands for: area, structures, capabilities, organizations, people and events to identify the culture of a particular area. The United States of America is the epitome of what it looks like to be a thriving country. However, often many countries do not share similar views on many topics with the U.S. Therefore, If we were to have disagreements with another country, many questions can be concerning, causing numerous…show more content…
In knowing that Monaco is allies with France due to the Treaty of Versailles, which “established that Montegasque policy would be aligned with French political, military, and economic interests” (Coleman, 2015, p. 7), I would definitely consider the element of surprise. We could access them by air, train, water in that it would help our force rapidly reach them. The whole country is less than one square mile so we could easily overtake this country within one day to be conservative. They would retreat into either France or Italy or they would be overthrown. There is no land that they could hide in other then in the buildings, which consumes nearly one hundred percent of the land, thus, it would be relatively easy to seek them out. Lastly, with them not having a military and relying on France for their military it would have to be a covert mission in which it would have to be swift so we can take both by surprise. We could use naval gunfire to push them back all while using an Arial assault unloading helicopters full of soldiers who could easily overthrow the few local cops that occupy the
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