Socio Cultural Constraints : A Pathway For Social Change

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Socio-cultural constraints Online: A Pathway for Social Change.

Today, the world is connected together like never before thanks to the advancement of the internet and the social media websites. As a consequence, users from all over the world are exposed to plethora of cultures and traditions that are different from theirs. So, they experience socio-cultural constraints because what is appropriate in one society may not be appropriate in another. For the purpose of this paper, the focus will be on the Arab users and how they deal with the socio-cultural constraints online. Since the social media websites are primarily western products that are more suitable for liberal western societies, it is important to examine the ways used by arab
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49). These two different behaviors online reflect the acceptable behaviors in two different societies: In the Arab societies, romantic relationships outside the institution of marriage are not widely acceptable as it is the case in the United States. This is an example to highlight that non-western users face socio-cultural constraints while using an online platform like Facebook. They try to make it compatible with their traditions, but in some situations, like the relationship status online, they choose to ignore it or make a choice that correspond their cultures and traditions. Arab women are more aware of the socio-cultural constraints online due to the significant difference between the acceptable behaviors of women in the West and the East. Even though women in the Arab World are open to Western cultures and behaviors online and have the social media networks at their disposal, they cannot behave freely online. The restrictions placed on women’s activities in the arab society are clearly reflected on their choices and online activities. For instance, women in the western society can freely interact with individuals from the opposite sex. The case is totally different in an arabic conservative society like the Jordanian society. A study was conducted to examine online dating and romance in Irbid, the second largest city in Jordan where residents are expected to be more open-minded than the rest of
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