Socio-Cultural Influences On Sexuality. Socio-Cultural

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Socio-Cultural Influences on Sexuality
Socio-cultural influence plays a major role in sexual behaviors. It gives a better comprehension on why men are men and women are women. These socio-cultural are influenced by physical, emotional, cultural and economic aspects. Time and time again research has proven that socio-cultural influences have a significant role in human sexuality. Culture is the manner of life of the people. Thus, culture shapes the ideas of what behaviors are acceptable for men and women (King & Regan, 2014). Sexuality is a big part of one’s life because it produces us human. It is how an individual sees himself or herself through sexual attitudes. According to (Krantz & Tolan, 2016) sexuality means a collection of
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Also in the Muslim culture parents regard sex as dirty and sinful and in the western cultures such as China, Japan and Russia sex was taboo until recently and in the American culture sex is openly discussed whether from the television, radio, music or magazines. Psychological impacts on expectance of socio-cultural influences are if constantly bombarded people perception on what makes them female for example, they will measure themselves to follow that path. In the case of Kylie Jenner with her make up line many people will want to purchase her product to look as beautiful as her and with commercials Serena Williams advertising body lotion, people with rough skin will tend to use these product to get smoother skin. Societal outlooks towards homosexuality is different in different cultures and religions. In the Islamic culture homosexuality is forbidden which can have severe penalties. In the America culture homosexuality is very debatable and people are fight for their right in terms of marriage. In the video title Religion and Sexuality that discusses about a young male discussion with his Mormon parents on him being gay. The parents were not happy because in Mormon believe that sexual relations should be with a man and woman which eventually leads to marriage. They even make comments that
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