Socio-Cultural Oppression To Dalit. A)Inter-Caste Marriage.

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Socio-cultural Oppression to Dalit
a) Inter-caste Marriage
Inter-caste marriage is prohibited in Hindu culture. Caste system only allows the endogamy system. However, the upper caste men have a freedom to use exogamy and polygamy. Upper caste man is allowed informal sexual rights to lower caste women but he does not give her a status of the wife because she is considered as an untouchable and impure. On the contrary, the upper caste woman is restricted to endogamous marriage and she is tied to the beliefs of wifely devotion. In terms of sexuality, upper caste women are considered as caste purity and Dalit women are impure because of her caste position that does not protect her sexual purity. The upper-caste male can access a sexual
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If a person breaks this boundary and becomes a doctor, higher caste people do not allow him to cure higher caste people. Dalit is limited to use public transportations and public halls. Dalit has to clean the dish since he/she have some food while he/she is a customer and price is same in the restaurant.

d) Inferences

Practices are common throughout the world however its impacts are varies. Oppression to Dalits brings psychological outcomes. It is an internalization of mind reasoning their oppression and they think that they have to be dehumanized. Humanity has been stolen and upper caste people are able to oppress them. Dalit humiliation is a paradigmatic experience considering untouchability.

The dehumanizing meaning of this tradition undoubtedly designated that Dalits are worse off than animals. That is the rejection of human identity. It really breaks the logic of human rights, human values, and dignity. The major consequences of the humiliation over Dalit are an accepting of fatalism. They think that situation is rotating and all actions are predetermined and therefore fate is inevitable. Upper caste people force a psychological segregation and resetting fated group identity in the society. That is the dehumanization of Dalit and development of fatalism.

Applicability of Freire’s Concept

Freire focused on social justice through different faiths and devotions. He tried to enlarge the liberation theology in Latin
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