Socio-Economic Effects of Dolphinariums on Small Island Destinations

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The Socio-Economic effects of dolphinariums on small island destinations

Joanne Armantrading
Stefan Oosterwaal

International Management & Business Research Methodology
University of Aruba

Table of contents
Intro 3
Literature Review 6
Conceptual Model 11
Stakeholders 14
Hypotheses 21
Research Design 23
Secondary data analysis 27
Primary data 30
Conclusion 37
References 38

There has been a lot of talk about whether there a dolphinarium should be established on the island of Aruba. There has been a lot of controversy from the side of the community.
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Secondary data we found is from R.W. Butler (1980). He made a tourism life cycle for marine tourism. Possible stages in the development of marine tourism attractions (adapted from Butler, 1980)
When analyzing this first graph, we see that in the beginning it’s the discovery process and that the number tourists is quite low. People might not know or be too familiar with the attraction, and therefore don’t visit it a lot. For this same reason the local people may be very cynical, they might not believe in the attraction and think that it will not do the local economy any good. As time goes by the attraction starts doing better and others see that it does benefit our local economy and their own pocket. They might even start to give some competition and try to offer their own attractions. As time goes by, people start becoming more familiar with the product and more people will start coming, they might tell others about it and the others will come. More people will come and a rapid growth will develop. Will this growth go on forever? In later stages stability will occur.
This is where we believe something needs to be done. There are three things that can happen once you’re stable: stability can remain, you can decline, or you can grow. Now, preferably everyone would like to keep growing and making more money. What is the reason that you are stable now? Are people

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