Socio Economic Environment Of Sunshine Wines

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Sunshine Wines is an Australian company that specializes in organic wine production. It is located in Queensland, Australia. Sunshine Wines is looking to analyze the potential between two countries specifically: Singapore and Sweden, for exportation and company expansion.

Socio economic environment of Singapore
Singapore is a very competitive country with regards to its economy. It is an ideal place to start a business as it has risen its rank from number seven to number six on doing business according to the World Bank (2017). Although this country is highly competitive, the economic situation of Singapore is being affected as it is dependent on exports. Because of recent changes in the global economy, Singapore faces weak global exportation demands, contributing to Singapore’s economic situation is the restructuring of the Chinese economy as their economy has since slowed down. even so, the government is expected to remain stable for 2017 as the government has developed plans that focuses on the investments of certain sectors of the economy. The population of Singapore is steadily rising with an estimated two hundred sixty-one million people in 2016 (The World Bank, 2017).

Socio economic environment of Sweden
According to the global market, Sweden is at the sixth place among the rankings for ease of doing business. It is considered to be highly competitive despite their economic activity to slow down in 2017. Even so, it’s central bank has helped the

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