Socio-Economic Environment Of Sunshine Wines

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Sunshine Wines, a successful Australian winery that produces organic wines has decided to invest and trade in either Singapore or Sweden. This report will analyse the market potential for both countries by comparing the socio-economic, political and business environments. Finally, a country recommendation using a weighted index will display the more favorable country. 2.0 Economic Environment The socio – economic environments of Singapore and Sweden bring many similar and different factors when compared. To find the appropriate country both the economic growth and economic stability will be evaluated. 2.1 Economic Growth In all societies, economic growth is dependent on three factors, capital accumulation, population growth and technological progress. Utilising different output statistics of countries, these elements can demonstrate the country’s economic growth levels. (Alberto, Ozler, Roubini & Swagel, 1996) Figure 1.1: Percentage Change in GDP per annum graph Source: EIU Country Data Figure 2: Percentage Change in GDP Growth per Capita Source: EIU Country Data 2.1.1 Sweden: According to Figure 1 & 2 in 2013 the annual growth rate of GDP in Sweden stood at 1.2%, resulting in the greatest acceleration of growth in recent years. On the other hand, 2014 experienced GDP growth percentage of 2.7%. With respect to 2015, there was a GDP growth of 3.8% and GDP per capita growth of 2.7%. Growth during this year was well above the average growth rate of the last twenty

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