Socio Economic Factors And Good Health

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The coherence between socio-economic factors and good health has been observed over a few decades and, that the socio –economic factors have a massive impact on the health of the individual are not new. Today, the Government UK provides a range of health campaigns, to alert the public to live healthier. Health promotions in schools, children centre, and community centre or in the hospital taking place. Such for example,” the fit for life campaign, “where the main focus is to eat healthy food. However, there are still barriers which have an influence on the behaviour of the individual, to take part by health promotions. Therefore, it is important to have a look what is the background of the individual, to understand their behaviour.
1.1One impact of socio –economic influences on the health, can be the cultural tradition. For example, in some cultures is overweight, seeing as something positive as this shows the social status in their society. Skinny people would be associated with poorness, therefore is “feeding” a common practice by some cultures, regardless other health consequences. This behaviour is completely the opposite what health campaigns associating with overweight in the UK. Here is to think about how can those people getting persuade to change their attitude, as overweight is associated with their social status and cultural tradition.
Another example, according to ACS distance education (2015), “some cultures encourage and respect higher birth amounts in
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