Socio-Economic and Ethical Implications of Advertising – a Perceptual Study

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Socio-Economic and Ethical Implications of Advertising – A Perceptual Study
Dr. Raghbir Singh* Sandeep Vij** Abstract Depending upon the public opinion about the social, economic and ethical aspects of advertising, the marketers and the public policy makers should take different stances on how advertising should be treated. The study has analyzed in detail the public response to the issues like: ‘Targeting Children in Advertising’, ‘Use of Sex in Advertisements’, ‘Promotion of Materialism through Advertising’, ‘Use of Comparative Advertising’, ‘Ethics in Advertising’, ‘Use of Celebrities in Advertising’, ‘Economic Effects of Advertising’; and ‘Public Policy on Advertising’. The population for the study comprised a sample of 900
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Part I – Social Responsibility, Ethics & Marketing

Previous Research Beliefs are the foundations of attitudes that consumers form about advertising. Attitudes toward advertising are operationalised and measured by positive or negative beliefs about advertising. Conceptually advertising beliefs and attitudes are different, but because of their direct and close connections, practically they have been treated interchangeably in the previous research. In the past, the perception of the consumers regarding social, economic and ethical aspects of advertising has been measured in the form of beliefs and attitudes toward advertising. The researchers have tried to measure attitudes towards advertising taking different types of samples. Greyser and Reece (1971) surveyed 2700 Harvard Business Review subscribers in order to examine their attitudes towards advertising. Rotzoll and Christians (1980) investigated 123 employees of four advertising agencies about ethical issues in advertising. Many studies have explored the attitude toward advertising among student samples (Larkin, 1977; Sandage & Leckenby 1980; Dubinsky & Hensel, 1984; Muehling, 1987; Ramaprasad & Thurwanger, 1998). Zonot (1984) and Mittal (1994) studied attitudes towards advertising among adult

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