Socio-Historical Impact of “Racism Is the Result of Slavery”

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Kadeem Jackson U.S. History September 25,2009 Socio-Historical impact of “Racism Is The Result Of Slavery”

Human nature wants to cast people who are like oneself as better than people not like oneself. That bias requires very little encouragement when coupled with the tendency towards selective memory. This impairs the normal empathy that generally prevents people from casually harming their fellows. A little push from greed and viola. It ought to be observed that the vast majority of people sold into slavery from sub-Saharan Africa were captured and conveyed into the hands of European slavers by their fellow Africans. The tribes and nations of the old slave coast became wealthy and powerful through selling
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Some people even believe that slavery was actually formed back in the early BC when most slaves were from conquered tribes. There was no real distinction in most races so it was by territory. The slavery involving the early US was based on a way to make the act seem less inhuman so there were stereotypes and negative things made up to justify the act. As well as put up by a person before me debt slavery came to in later time when the land system to pay for things changed into a cash system so families would sell there own kids to be able to get money and for there kids to be able to eat. That was in Mycenaean time and then since the Greek civilization formed from the Mycenaean civilization it carried over. Egyptians more commonly used slavery as a way to show that they had defeated and conquered enemies because they were conquered earlier by the Hyokos tribe in 1600 B.C. and before they were overthrown and the "New Kingdom" became about they were used as slaves in there own area. Then Persians used them and so did Greeks. Then some people think racism lead to slavery. In order to enslave a person, you have to come the conclusion that they are less than human. In the case of modern N. American slavery (in comparison to the Roman, Arab and Chinese ancient incarnations), the institution was established under the assumption that blacks were not human. At least, not human as Northern Europeans were human. And thus, being less than people, they were suitable for slavery

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