Sociocultural Analysis Of Taiwan

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Taiwan - Sociocultural Analysis Taiwan is an island that is a part of the continent of Asia. Asiatic cultures vary from Western culture and require sociological and cultural analysis to completely understand. The New World Encyclopedia online resource defines culture in an easy to understand way. According to New World Encyclopedia (2013), “Culture is a complex of features held by a social group, which may be as small as a family or a tribe, or as large as a racial or ethnic group, a nation, or in the age or globalization, by people all over the world” (Defining culture, para.1). Taiwan is the topic of sociocultural analysis in this essay. Five major characteristics that define a culture are that it is learned, it is social, shared, transmitted and continuous (Farooq, 2011). Taiwan is rich in culture, food, art and religion. Geographically, according to McGuigan (n.d.), Taiwan is “a relatively small island off the south-east coast of mainland China, Taiwan occupies a unique position both politically and culturally” (Taiwan Culture & Tradition, para. 1). World Atlas online states that “about two-thirds of Taiwan is a rugged mountain landscape with the Chung-yang Shan range (central) dominating the island, and some 200 peaks exceeding 9,840 ft. (3,000 m)” (Taiwan Geography, para.1). To select one common characteristic of Taiwan culture is difficult because the Taiwanese people are made up of a conglomerate mix to include aboriginal people, Chinese people and Japanese.
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