Sociocultural Approaches And The Construction Of Knowledge

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“Sociocultural approaches emphasize the interdependence and individual processes in the construction of knowledge”.(John-Steiner,V and Mahn,H 1996).The real understanding of constructivism is only paying much attention on the learners’ previous experience and background knowledge .It maintains that individuals create or construct their own new understandings or knowledge through the interaction of what they already believe and the ideas,events,and activities with which they come into contact.(Faculty, E. 2012).In this essay,the constructivist approaches are based on the Plaget and the sociocultural approaches are based on the Vygotskian. “Sociocultural approaches to learning and developing were first systematized and applied by…show more content…
Next,the constructivist approaches are a two-way construction,its construction is the process of interaction between the subject and the object,also known as the “two-way construction concept”.The constructivist approaches argue that the process of human construction has,on the other hand,produced the generalized physical knowledge is the result of the construction process.Differently,the process of the construction of sociocultural approaches are in the process of consultation and continuation and revision of others,and was constructed under the influence of culture and society at that time.The construction process emphasizes activity practice,cultural intermediary and social source. The fourth ,constructivism approaches do not take into account the role of social and cultural
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