Sociocultural Issues Case Study

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TMA 03 SEPT 2012
Consider sociocultural issues in a counselling case study.
In this assignment I will provide a fictional case study of a counselling client with issues relating to fear and sadness and then consider how their individual problems might be located in the social context in which the clients are embedded. The case study will clearly focus on sociocultural issues, such as culture, race, gender, sexuality, etc. It will look at how useful it can be to recognise how important sociocultural issues can be when considering individual distress. The main focus this assignment will be drawing on with regards to sociocultural issues will be, race, culture and sexuality. The counselling approach being used will be
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When we try to treat a client purely as an individual this can result in the loss of the experience of being different. Barker states that traditional therapeutic approaches have been critiqued by multicultural, feminist and lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) affirmative therapists for their individualist stances. (Barker, 2010) (Barker, 2010, p.212) It is said that, they regularly fail to see how important culture, gender and sexuality are.
Barker states that today, the majority of counsellors and psychotherapists are white, middleclass, heterosexual women, and this group also makes up the bulk of clients. Given this, how easy is it for other people to access counselling, or to experience it without power differences between counsellor and client being exacerbated in ways that are unhelpful? (Barker, 2010) (Barker, 2010, p. 215) This statement/question throws earlier claims of male superiority within psychotherapy up in the air and also highlights the changes that have come about in modern times with women now dominating the industry. This argument again supports the fact that as an industry, we are evolving and moving with the times to keep things relevant for our clients so they don’t deem us unhelpful or exacerbating.
On the other hand it could also be argued that counselling that is readily available through agencies and therapy centres still have counsellors who
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