Socioeconomic Factors

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From the beginning my group knew we were going to be researching three to five year olds. After brainstorming for about a week, my group settled on a topic about food away from home consumption and how it related to socioeconomic factors. One of the topics that was rejected was the idea to study the psychology of color within food advertisement and how it relates to childhood obesity. After picking our topic our professor helped us narrow it down to specifically researching income status instead of all the socioeconomic factors. In the end, we had ten research questions and only had to remove one question from the study. The question was about consumption of frozen pizzas and we removed it because we felt it did not correlate as well as we…show more content…
For example in the introduction, after suggestions from the professor to move certain sections together, I was able to make the background information more cohesive. Another example, the first draft of the discussion overused the same words throughout the paragraph, so I rewrote the limitations to reduce wordiness and just address the three main limitations which were how the study was assessed, exclusion of certain socioeconomic factors, and lack of literature on cholesterol intake in three to five year…show more content…
I was able to complete all my assignments on time and I believe I made a strong contribution to the paper. I need to work on being more organized with my writing by making my outlines stronger with more detail. One specific part of the project that went well was my ability to work well with my teammates through strong communication. One specific part of the project that needed the most improvement was the transitions in the literature review. I struggled with connecting obesity and income with obesity and nutrient intake. I will achieve these goals by practicing. My goal is to start writing daily to help improve my vocabulary and transitions.
My professor, Dr. Stage, was a good mentor throughout the writing process. She was very approachable and her organization improved my organization skills immensely. The reality checks were very useful to stay up to date on all the assignments due. One suggestion is to bring a graduate assistant into the class on work days to help Dr. Stage assist her students with their projects so everyone can get their questions
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