Socioeconomic Government Contracting

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Socioeconomic Government Contracting Synopsis The sample proposal reveals that DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is accepting a proposal from various firms to support Evergreen open source software. Objective of this paper is to evaluate the attached proposal and determine whether it meets government standard form for solicitation. The paper also discusses whether the implementation process of RFP (request for proposal) produce cost saving for the government. 1."Discussion on whether the sample RFP meets the government's standard form for solicitation" Analysis of the attached proposal reveals that it partially satisfies the government standard form for solicitation. The attached proposal satisfies some of the requirements of the government's standard form for solicitation, which include: Scope of Work and Cost Proposal Relevant firm's Experience References revealing whether bidders currently provide Evergreen support to any other federal agency. However, there are other government's standard requirements for solicitation that the attached proposal does not meet. The U.S government has standard solicitation forms that should be used to request for proposal. The U.S government either requests for proposal through or directly from federal government agencies. When the U.S government requests for the proposal from either of the two methods, the government provides series of solicitation forms that firms must fill in order to apply for the
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