Socioeconomic Status Affects Development During All Stages Essay

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Socioeconomic status affects development during all stages, but the infancy stage is affected dramatically because the effects on health and wellbeing are at a crucial stage of life that affects an individual throughout life. Infants born into higher socioeconomic status’ needs are met more adequately than those of its counterpart infants of the low socioeconomic status. Infants needs being unmet due to lack of resources have been linked to growth restrictions, as well as failure to thrive. According to (Mcloyd,1998) “Lower IQs, higher rates of perinatal complications, increased exposure to lead are all factors that are linked to poverty in children’s development.” A family’s ability to provide is a huge factor in the growth of an infant. When those basic needs are stunted the infant isn’t allotted the full amount of resources hindering growth. Low-income families are at an elevated risk to not have adequate health insurance findings show that children are at a higher risk for illness. Elevated neonatal mortality, risk for abuse and neglect, asthma are all aspects of the correlation found in range tests Aber et al 1997. These are all biology of a growing child, the ability to thrive to grow and develop adequately. Consensus that there is a correlation between poverty and poor health in children, was found in each article, the guidelines for the united states representing what is seen as in poverty is the same as it was i. (Aber et al 1960), which doesn’t give a clean
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