Socioeconomic Status And Access For Sports

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Socioeconomic status (SES) is the combination of social and economical measures of a person’s work experience or of a family social and economical position in relation to others. The socioeconomic class is divided into three categories: upper class, middle class, and lower class, which is used to describe the three areas a person or a family. From each category, the person’s income, education, and occupation can be assessed. Sports provide many benefits. It brings people together, keeps them healthy, and teaches people values that are used on and off the field such as mental/physical toughness, teamwork, dedication, discipline, and hard work. Sports participation is influenced by the way people live, where they live, what country they live in and what socioeconomic status they fall into. Sports can be a way to identify what social class a person or family may fall into. The purpose of this paper is to show the relationship between socioeconomic status and access to sports. The paper will first go over the background of socioeconomic status, discuss why participation in physical activity is more prevalent with money and what actions should be taking in order to help low-income individuals/families become more involved in physical activity. Socioeconomic Status Lower class SES is categorized into three groups: upper SES, middle SES and lower SES. The lower class is the bottom 14.5% of Americans whose income barely meets the minimum wage standards set by the
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