Socioeconomic Status And Low Achievement For African American Teens

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While studies have shown there’s a correlation between socioeconomic status and low achievement for African American Teens. There are valuable resources that can be used to help improve Urban Education including mentoring programs, after school programs, peer-to-peer activities, skill building & career development, and cultural activities. After school programs have always been a staple in the lives of students living in Urban Communities providing different opportunities inside and outside of the school. Many programs have used mentoring and afterschool programs to help bridge the gap between secondary education and higher education. But, the effects of socioeconomic status has continued to contribute to the prevention of African Americans entering postsecondary institutions (NCES 2007). It seems that the issues preventing African American students are deeper than statistics and need a different approach to tackle this issue. It’s common knowledge that people who have higher education are more likely to succeed, having better paying jobs. African Americans have one of lowest higher education graduation rate in the country, the NCES reported in 2009-2010 that the number of African American graduates was 164,844 compared to their Caucasian counterparts with 1,167,499. African Americans made up 10% of all graduates in 2010 (NCES 2012). Although the statistics show a huge gap between African Americans and Caucasian, African Americans are progressing and increasing
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