Socioeconomic Status And Socioeconomic Class

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Socioeconomic status, or also known as socioeconomic class, is explored in Unit 3 of [Re]Writing Communities and Identities. It is explained that these categories of income and community reputation can have a variety of ranges. From upper class, commonly referred to as the top 1%, to the working, or lower, class. Even between these two polars are classifications such as satisfied middle class, anxious middle class, and struggling middle class. From the moment we are born, we are prepared for our journey of life. We are taught to write our ABC’s, and those chicken scratch letters will turn into words, those words turn into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs, and so on until you are where I am, drinking coffee at nine o’clock on a…show more content…
Because Jason has grown up with more “superior” resources at his fingertips, such as the the books, he had an easier time in school. Jason and Liam worked equally hard and go to the same school, but as the editors word beautifully on page 127, “[Liam] struggled a bit--not for lack of intelligence, but for lack of experience.” With Jason having such opportunities, he ended up in more Advanced Placement classes. So because Jason is more wealthy, did this give him better education, getting him into those AP classes? A simplified interpretation of this argument can be given in the example between private school and public school; because private school is generally for the wealthy, does it give a student a better education?
The GreatSchools Staff does an excellent job in bringing in information about public and private schools in their article “Private versus Public”. There is the connotation that private schools are full of clean bathrooms and well behaved, bright students. But is it true that private schools are what is producing the smarter students? GreatSchool makes some points that can make any one person really think. Such as--private schools do not have to follow the same state curriculum that public schools do, giving them an opportunity to expand or specialize in everything and anything they could possibly teach their pupils. So why is it that GreatSchool found a study from 2006, given by the National Center for Education Statistics(NCES), that proved the
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