Socioeconomic Status And The Career Aspirations Of Australian School Students

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Socioeconomic Status in the Education System Funderburg Abigail
Mississippi State University Socioeconomic Status in the Education System Multiple research studies have been taken into account to determine the effect socioeconomic status is having on academic achievement of young adults. These studies range from elementary to college level students. These articles are on the subject of socioeconomic status effecting student aspirations, higher educational participation, and parental involvement.
The article “Socioeconomic status and the career aspirations of Australian school students: Testing enduring assumptions” from The Australian Educational Researcher addresses the issue of diversity in school through an examination of socioeconomic status and how it affects the way students view their opportunities as they move forward in their education. The main assumption of the article is that students who come from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds will have the opinion that they will only be able to achieve a career that will also leave them in the lower socioeconomic status. The article focuses mainly on students in secondary education because it assumes that students any younger than that will not be able to realistically predict their career path. In this article, the study focuses on learning what factors play a role in determining how early career aspirations take form, with what certainty, and for what reasons. More specifically, the study looks
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