Socioeconomic Status and Health Issues

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Socioeconomic status (a measurement of income, education, and occupation) measures an individual's social standing in society. Low socioeconomic status is often linked to a depravity of essential material resources and heightened psychological stress variables. The importance of researching the effects is underlined by its association to a number of adverse health effects and the increasing prevalence of poverty within many countries in the world. Recent studies have investigated the possible effects on the biological mechanisms by examining the differences in epigenetic patterns between individuals with variability in socioeconomic status. Although there have been limited studies conducted on this area, research has determined that the status of socioeconomic often has a significant impact on methylation, with an increase or decrease in certain sections of the genome depending on the region in question. Introduction Socioeconomic status is the combination of income, education and occupation which typically measures the social standing of an individual in a society [3]. The potential impact of socioeconomic status is vital as it affects a significant percent of Canadians. According to the Employment and Social Development Canada (2006), poverty affects approximately twelve percent of adults and thirteen percent of children. The gap between the rich and poor has significantly increased within the past few decades and research suggests that it will
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