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British Airways Plc Annual Report and Accounts
Year ended 31 December 2012

Company registration number: 1777777

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We monitor our operational performance through a broad range of measures at many levels. Departure punctuality is our primary measure, as high performance here requires other operational processes to run smoothly, and also because it is a key driver of customer satisfaction. Our headline measure of punctuality is ‘Ready to Go’, which focuses on the aspects of the departure process within our control. In 2012 55 per cent of flights were ‘Ready to Go’, being prepared for departure at three minutes before the scheduled departure time, and 79 per cent of flights departed within 15 minutes of schedule. The use of technology to improve the customer service experience is paying dividends in goodwill. For example, iPads have now been issued to more than 2,000 senior cabin crew, which enables them to provide insight into our customers’ preferences across a whole range of areas, from special meal requests to onward travel plans. Cabin crew can deliver a truly bespoke service with this information at their fingertips. Furthermore, if any customer service issues arise in the air, cabin crew can inform ground-based colleagues in a timely fashion and action can be taken quickly to resolve any problems. Towards the end of 2012 BA also conducted a series of real-time customer survey trials. The trials were part of the airline’s commitment to customer service.

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