Sociolinguistic in Algeria "Summary"

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Several factors have been responsible for the complexity reflected in today’s linguistic situation in Algeria, some being historical, others political and still others socio-cultural. It is undeniable that, as a consequence of the diverse events that the country has gone through, the Algerian society has acquired a distinctive identity whose particular dynamic intra-and inter-lingual variation can clearly be attested in the way(s) people speak in comparison with the two countries, morocco and Tunisia (these latter are said to have lived through quite similar episodes, but for more shorter periods). Indeed, colonised for more than 130 years (1830-1962), Algeria was considered by the French government as a province of France which never be…show more content…
One linguistic phenomenon concerns the co-existence, in the Algerian community and throughout the Arab world on the whole, of two sets of varieties of the same language, regarded by members of a diglossic speech community as two discrete codes each fulfilling a clearly distinct range of social functions in different sets of circumstances, though some interference between the two may occur in certain contexts. This sociolinguistic phenomenon, in which an obvious form-function mapping is at work and in which the status of each variety is overtly recognized in the community, has been referred to diglossia. As already indicated, what makes the Algerian language situation so complex is its characterization at the societal level by at least two overlapping linguistic phenomena, diglossia and bilingualism, though at the individual level the degree of proficiency or competence in one or the other, or in both practices, largely depends on socio-cultural factors such as level of education, socio-economic background, age, and perhaps most importantly motivation and attitudes towards the two standards. In any case, it is a plain fact that all Algerians, even illiterate people, use and/or

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