Sociological Analysis Of Modern Day Slavery

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Analysis Paper Modern day slavery is often associated with past times but it is alive and present all over the world today. Millions of people are affected by slavery today, there are different forms of slavery. People are enslaved and forced into unpaid labor or used as sex slaves. Modern day slavery is a heinous crime that affects people based on their class, race, and gender. These various social locations play an important role in the sociological study of slavery and helps us better understand why it has become such a vast illegal business. Social class plays a big role in modern day slavery, the most vulnerable people are targeted and forced into servitude. Life chances are reduced when an individual belongs to a lower class, although class can be fluid it is not often that poor people become wealthy. Individuals of lower social classes tend to be an easy target for those looking to earn money at the expense of all vulnerable people with little to no economic power. It is because of this that people from families with a lower income are subjected to jobs whose companies do not value their basic rights and are willing to pay these underserved people a less than sustainable salary. This type of human slavery happens all around us, however, it continues to prevail because members of lower social classes become desperate for any kind of financial aid. Social structure is also yet another example of why the people of lower social classes tend to be the victims of human

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