Sociological Analysis Of The Movie Casablanca

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Susie Solayman
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Casablanca Paper

The movie Casablanca take place in a town called Casablanca in Morocco in the beginning of WWII. Some important characters in Casablanca are Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund, and Victor Laszlo. Rick is the main protagonist in the film. He is known for being anti-fascist and fighting in the Spanish civil war. He falls in love with Ilsa however she leaves him at the train station which breaks his heart. During the movie, he jeopardies his happiness for the good.
Ilsa lund is a married woman from Norway. She is married to Victor Laszlo who is a leader of the Czech Resistance. Her and Rick fell in love with other even though she did not know his past. She thought her husband died in the concentration camp. She is authentic because she is a very passionate character. Victor Laszlo is married to Ilsa Lund. He escaped from the Nazis and even escaped from the concentration camp.

Casablanca is categorized by many sociological concepts, and issues such as race and social class. A sociological concept that is shown in the film is neutrality; in War. Louis and Rick find it very tough trying to retain neutrality. Rick keeps away from being involved in anything that has to do with politics. He never says anything about the war. Toward the ending of the movie, Rick stops being neutral. Fascism is also portrayed in Casablanca. The Nazis attempt to organize Casablanca and take control of the political and economy of Casablanca. The Nazi

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