Sociological Analysis On Interfaith Marriage Essay

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Sociological Analysis on Interfaith Marriage The family issue I will be analyzing is interfaith marriage. Interfaith marriage is simply marriage between two people who belong to or identify with different religious groups. However simple the definition may seem, the reality of interfaith marriage can be far more complex. For most of human history it has been a social taboo to marry outside of one 's faith. However, in recent years it has become much more acceptable, even to the point of seeming to essentially be a non-factor as far as society is concerned. Nevertheless, with the inevitable differences in customs and beliefs, and despite social acceptance, interfaith marriages can still cause major conflict in the household. This paper will explore seven different sociological theories, and attempt to explain how they can decipher the effects of interfaith marriage upon the family. Family Ecology Theory Family ecology theory looks at how families are influenced by, and subsequently influence their environment. In their text, The Marriage and Family Experience: Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society, Bryan Strong and Theodore Cohen (2014) list four levels to the environment to which individuals adapt: the microsystem, which contains the most immediate influences with which individuals have frequent contact, e.g. families, peers, schools, etc.; the mesosystem, which consists of the interconnections between microsystems, i.e. school, work, and home experiences; the

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