Sociological Analysis

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The field of sociology has a different approach to social problems compared to other fields. Sociology provides the perception that social problems are caused by the structural arrangement of various organs of society or the social forces. The discipline of sociology concerned with the relationship between people and the various structures of society that include social institutions such as the family, education, and the military (Leon-Guerrero, 2015). Unlike other sciences, sociology presents the objective and systematic ways of understanding the possible causes of social problems. Again, sociology holds that social problems and their solutions do not just involve people, but rather, social structures plays a significant role in creating…show more content…
Social Problem is any social condition that has undesirable consequences to the people and the entire world; crime is not desirable; hence, various governments set aside a considerable amount of resources to combat crimes and related activities (Leon-Guerrero, 2015). Social policy is the formulation of the course of action through a program or laws to combat a social problem (Leon-Guerrero, 2015). For instance, community policing was a program that was enacted to combat the rising cases of criminal activities. Social advocacy is the process of employing resources from different advocates to solve a social problem; for example, community policing demanded the inputs of the community through community elders to assist the police in addressing crime. Lastly, social interaction is considered to be an exchange between two or more people; it is a significant concept in sociology. Social interaction helps in explaining the causes of crime and possible solutions to different types of crimes. For instance, community policing was envisioned as a program that could increase the collaboration and interaction between the police and community to understand and solve criminal cases better (Barkan,
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