Essay on Sociological Autobiography

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My life started with my long and hard birth on July 14, 1993. I came into the world with a large scream and was immediately placed into some sort of category. The doctors and nurses took a quick look at me, and pronounced me as a girl. This social label of being a girl was now my gender, which is something I had no say in. Every since that very moment in time where my parents were told I was a girl, I have been treated according to my gender. This meant that my parents automatically dressed me in pink, bought me dollhouses and kitchen sets and threw me Barbie themed birthday parties. Since I was surrounded my whole entire life by these things, it was almost like second nature to think and act the way that I did and still do. My …show more content…
I became intrigued and wanted to play with his toys because they became so much more interesting then mine. When my grandmother saw that I was playing with trucks and enjoying it, she quickly came over and grabbed them out of my hands, giving them back to the little boy I had taken them from. She then explained to me that trucks were for boys not girls, and I should stick to using my pink shovel and bucket set to make nice sandcastles. I didn’t understand at that point what the big issue was, it was just toys that were fun to play with, but I agreed with my grandmother because I didn’t want to get into trouble and from then on stuck to focusing on making sandcastles. I quickly forgot about the trucks, and never again did I think to play with anything remotely like that. Little did I know it, but that was one of the first examples of gender roles that I had been exposed too. Growing up, my label of a female has given me both advantages and disadvantages. Having a younger brother has given me a clearer view of how parents and family members socialize the both of us to act male or female. Because I am a female, it was expected of me from a very early age to attend school and university. There was never really a choice, it was either that or go straight into work, which was the less pleasing option. However my brother is just expected to get his high school diploma and go work for my father and take over our family business, which

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