Sociological Concepts Of The Family, Marriage, And Intimate Relationships

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1. Objective – Explain basic sociological concepts of the family, marriage, and intimate relationships. (Pg. 365) The sociological concept for family is a group of people that are related to by decent, marriage, or adoption. Many sociologist view families as a universal social institution that is central to social life, meaning families play a role of how people learn to be social and how their role in a society. Sociologists are interested in studying families because of how families are created through marriage and how they are formed and maintained. Also they are fascinated of how families expand, contract, or even dissolve. The basic sociological concept of marriage is the socially acknowledged and approved and often legal union of two people, allowing them to live together and to have children by birth of adoption. Marriage typically is the start of how families are created and sociologists like to study marriages by seeing how the union between two people expand or dissolve. Most common marriages are a monogamy, or marriage between two people. In some laws, a marriage not only is between a man and a woman but also between two males or two females. Lastly, the basic sociological basic of intimate relationships are a close, personal, and domestic relationship between partners. Intimacy is a close and personal relationship that occurs when the two partners are identified as a couple after a period of dating. Intimacy usually leads to love and changes over time, an

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