Sociological Flashbacks In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Could you imagine living in a time period without having enough money to buy yourself food? The plot starts off in the 1930’s in Soledad and transitions to The Ranch. An important part of the story is the main characters, Lennie and George. John Steinbeck, the author Of Mice and Men, illustrates hidden lessons throughout the book that makes reading it more valuable. In the essay, you look through sociological, historic and entertainment lenses. Of Mice and Men should be read by high school students because it shows different sociological aspects during the Great Depression era, gives flashbacks in the perspective of the 1930s, and entertainment through the different interactions the characters have with each other. Sociological morals are an important part of Of Mice and Men because it gives the reader a look at what things were like for people of color. In the book Crooks, a person of color, is the only one on the ranch. Since Crooks is not in the same bunks as the white ranch men he is isolated, and alone. Instead, he is in a storage area next to the ranch animals. “Crooks bunk was a long box filled with straw,...” People of color didn’t get many opportunities in this society since they were in such a low class. Crooks laying alone in his bunk didnt have anyone to talk to because he was so isolated. The only person he talked to was when Lennie came around and began to talk to him. Although times were rough for people of color back then, looking in 2017 they have more

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