Sociological Foundation of Education

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A short paper on Sociological Foundation of Education -By Gopi Chandra Upreti M. Phil. Development Studies, KUSOED Kathmandu, Nepal. Introduction Education is a process of learning. It is a kind of method to get knowledge in human life. As John Dewey said education ‘brings out all capabilities’ of human beings. It helps us to live our life independently. Accordingly, Socrates said that education has taken out our ideas from ‘innate capabilities’ so that we can know everything of the world. Education has certain functions as we observe its nature. The nature of education can be divided into four groups. They are: formal, non-formal and informal; general and specific; direct and indirect; and individual and collective. These educations…show more content…
Emile Durkheim analyzed it from functional perspective. It means education has been used to continue the social structure or hierarchies in the society. Or it is the language of the ruler to teach his subjects. Moreover, education has also been taken as to liberate society. It makes people aware about society and his rights. So the people feel liberated by getting education. J. J. Rousseau was the founder of such liberal movement of education. On the other hand, feminists took it as the vehicle to continue male domination in society. They think that education is lopsided and it only supports the norms of patriarchy and suppressed women. Simon de Beauvoir is a famous feminist who have popularized the movement with the publication of her book ‘The Second Sex.’ Similarly, social democratic perspective takes education as the factor of implementing democratic rule in the society. They are nearby the liberalists. They think that education can implant knowledge of democracy in any society so people can feel liberated. Likewise, some scholars take the purpose of education from conflict perspective. Karl Marx was the founder of such movement. They take education as a seed of conflict because it makes people aware about their rights. Finally, Interactionist, George H. Mead, focused education as a phenomenon of doing interaction among people. It teaches different cultures of different people and they are being interacted with the help of

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