Sociological Group Matrix Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Melanie Deutsch * August 20, 2012 Sociological Group Matrix Schaefer (2011) defines a group as “any number of people with similar norms, values, and expectations who interact with one another on a regular basis” (p. 111). Complete the Social Group Matrix by identifying and describing the relationship between yourself and the members of any social group you are a part of. Group description Identify the group. The group I chose is my place of employment – Little School House of Altoona (preschool/child care facility). This business is owned by a husband and wife. The husband is considered the owner, business manager, cook, and…show more content…
She is not a planner either which is conflicting with what I do in the afternoon, as I never know what she is going to do in the morning. The other conflict is each teacher being responsible for his or her room before their shift ends. Finally, I talked with the owner and the director about cleaning their rooms before they left for the day, as I did not have time to clean their rooms, besides mine, and the bathrooms at the end of the day. After our talk, things have been much better, now I just have to spot check the center, and I can actually leave the center at descent time. Instead of a half hour after the center closed. Role of language Explain the role of language, and describe the components of nonverbal communication in the group. In the center we use positive phrases like “walking feet” or “quiet feet,” instead of no running. “Inside voices,” instead of shouting. Sing songs for transitioning from one activity to the next. For instance, need to clean room before we go outside, we would sing a clean-up song. Instead of nagging at them to pick up the toys. If the song does not help, I put the basket for the toys next to the specific toy and say everyone pick up the blocks or let’s see who can pick up the most. If we have a lot of toys out – each person will have a basket and a specific area to clean-up. Each teacher has an extra room they are responsible for. For instance, the blue room is near
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